Your firm's service is already setting it aside from your competitors.
- David H

Thanks again for everything. My sister-in-law was right, you guys are terrific.
- Mike

Everyone at Phoenix has been unbelievably competent, efficient and genuinely nice thru this whole process
and that is quite rare as I am sure you are aware in your business.
- Jeff

Jerry did a fantastic job yesterday. He was efficient, neat, creative, and thorough. Quite impressive.
Mike, you did a fantastic job for us. I really appreciate it. The kids were in from Colorado and when I showed them
the theatre and the remote didn't work, they gave me a lot of grief and ribbing about gadgets, etc. I sent the email
and 30 minutes later you were driving to the house with a new remote already loaded with our code.
The kids were more than impressed. So was I. This is really outstanding service. Thanks again!
-  John P

I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with your company. Everyone that has worked here has been highly
competent, extremely courteous, and very efficient. This holds true for all of the systems Phoenix has installed for us:
the security system, the TV/audio, and most recently the phone system.  I am grateful for the good jobs they all have done!
-  Amor M.

You and your teams have been amazing...and the systems are incredible..
thanks much
- Al D

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am pleased with the progress that has been achieved to date on
our installation.  We clearly have been enjoying the improvements that you and your firm have provided to us in our home, and I wanted to take the opportunity to say, thank you.
- Bruce P

Thank you for your diligence in working with us on our project. Your group is the most professional that we have come across since we began with the project of building our home. Phoenix should be proud of the work that you do and I would wholeheartedly refer friends and business associates to you again.
- Jeff L

I have been working with Bob Dacundo and his team at Phoenix A/V for about five years. We have completed a dozen or so “high-end” systems together.  I can only say great things about Phoenix.  They are extremely knowledgeable, very professional and a pleasure to deal with.  I would highly recommend them for the design/installation of a Crestron system.  Their service follow-up is also great.  Please call if you want to discuss further.
- Rich G

You are doing an excellent Job - great team you have
- Steve E

Thank you very much for your involvement and help with my project. This made a big difference in the outcome.

Jan Grube did a fine job getting the products to me.  He also communicated promptly and effectively, and that helped to keep my anxiety down when I was worried about completing the job on time.

Mike Butler turned on a dime getting me scheduled at a time when other work had heated up at your end.  He also jumped on responding to details, getting back to me from the road.

Ian Duncan was wonderful.  His attention to detail was perfect, and I noticed every little thing, such as going to the van for black tape, rather than use the white roll he had in the room, to avoid putting white tape on a black surface tacking the emitter on a temporary speaker stand.

All of these guys were easy to work with, professional and competent.  I am sure this comes as no surprise to you. You have a great team.

As far as the installation is concerned, I could not be any happier.

Thank you again.  As soon as I receive your bill I will promptly remit by check.
- Ted A.


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